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Quantity Discounts

Quantity Discounts

To use quantity pricing set the following value in VP-ASP Configuration. This feature adds additional overhead. VP-ASP needs to check the database every time the quantity for an item is changed to recalculate the price.


Yes tells VP-ASP to use quantity based pricing

Quantity Discounts Table

Each time the customer alters the quantity of a product, shopuserprice.asp is called. It looks up the product by catalogid or category. If it finds a record in the “ quantitydiscounts ” table it alters the prices based on the ranges set in that table.

VP-ASP will not group products to apply a discount. If you want different products to be treated as a group you must also set the following.


Yes tells VP-ASP to group products. Products are grouped using a field in the products table groupfordiscount.

You can also specify in this table the following fields:


Discount should apply to products in this category


Discount should apply to this specific product


The minimum quantity before the discount should apply


The upper level of the quantity. For example if a discount is to be applied for purchases over 5 to 10 items set minquantity 5 and 10 in this field


The amount of discount. If it is less than 1 such as .10 it is treated as a percent and if greater than 1 it is treated as an actual discount amount

quantity2 and discount2…

These are the next ranges. The quantity must be higher that the previous quantity. You must set the last quantity to a high number such as 99999


Will group products before calculating the discount. This allows you to apply a discount across a range of products. This field must match the same field in the products table. If using this facility, make sure cataloged and categoryid are set to null

To display the Quantity Discount on your product pages you will need to set up templates. See this page for more information on templates:


The special field you need to add to your template file to display the quantity discount is [DISPLAY_QUANTITYDISCOUNTS]

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